Before I Die: Paul’s Letters to Timothy and Titus

Before I Die is Wayne Jackson’s commentary on Paul’s final personal letters that we have preserved — those to Timothy and Titus.

In Jackson’s typical easy-to-read style, you will be drawn into the tender and warm relationship between the older apostle and his fellow-workers. Paul is giving them last-minute guidance for their personal ministries before his departure, leaving us with precious insights into his personal interest in the success of Christ’s church.

Every member of the Lord’s church can profit by studying this insightful commentary.

In this book, elders will:

  • understand their role and the divinely required qualifications
  • develop a sense of the duties and dangers facing elders
  • appreciate the sacrifice of gospel ministers

Preachers and Bible teachers will …

  • see the vision of their vocation with renewed passion
  • recognize the value and importance of a credible example
  • renew their sense of dedication to this noble task

Every Christian will …

  • appreciate the sacrifices of their leaders
  • understand their importance as a support team
  • encourage men in their role as leaders
  • recognize the importance of women in their divinely appointed role

Wayne Jackson has been a prolific writer for more than a half-century, including commentaries on the New Testament, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Lamentations, Revelation, Acts, Philippians, and Paul’s Letters to Timothy and Titus.

He has also written numerous practical books on Christian apologetics, including: The Bible and Science, Creation, Evolution, and the Age of the Earth, The Human Body: Accident or Design?, and others.

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