Stronger Than Ever

Stronger Than Ever is a practical guide for applying biblical truths to real life. Personal problems and tragedies can upset your happiness and hinder successful living, but a life of faith, love, and hope enables you to persevere — but more than persevere. You can grow stronger, overcome adversity, and become a blessing to others in need.

Discover the life that Jesus Christ wants for you — a life of strength, victory, and ultimately, eternal bliss.

In this book, you will find:

  • How to develop the power of loving like Jesus
  • The ABC’s of resolving guilt biblically
  • What to do when it really isn’t your fault
  • How three women overcame years of abuse
  • How to create a stronger family
  • A simple approach to assess your personal spiritual condition
  • The motivation to never give up
A Must-read

“I must read this book!” That will be your reaction when you see the table of contents of Jason Jackson’s excellent new book, Stronger Than Ever.

Meaty, and well worth the reading!

For Every Christian

This book is for every Christian who wants to live this life in view of eternity!

Intriguing, practical, from the heart

Jason Jackson has accomplished a remarkable feat in his newest work, Stronger Than Ever. With an intriguing mix of Bible teaching, practical wisdom for daily living, from-the-heart experience, and motivational stories that illustrate each chapter, this work will keep you thinking long after you put it down.

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